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Clarena Hyaluron 3D Spray 60 ml

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How can use it :

Suitable for: All Skin Types, including sensitive skin.


What makes this great:

- Works to regenerate skin cells and makes it soft and reduces the rate of water loss.

-  An innovative hyaluronic acid in a light, refreshing spray. 

- Designed for daily care of the skin exposed to the harmful impact of dry air, wind     and the sun.

- Particularly helpful for persons staying in air-conditioned and heated areas.

- The thermal water refreshes, soothes and restores natural shine even to the most     tired skin.

- The product stands the test as a daily skin freshener maintaining the makeup     untouched.

 - Your skin will remain 100% satisfied!



How to use:

- Sprinkle several times a day or at the time you want or apply on cotton and wipe     the face.

- Does not affect Makeup you can spray it on your skin for.

- Moisturizer for Face and Body.



Main ingredients : Hyaluronic acid. 


Size: 60 ml

Made in: Poland


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 5-7 Days 

 74 SAR


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 72 AED


 5-7 Days

 6 KWD


 5-7 Days

 7.5 OMR


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 7.5 BHR


 5-7 Days

 72 QAR


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 99 Piasters


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