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Urban Care Expert Biotin & Caffeine Hair Tonic Spray 200 ml

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Product description

What Makes This Product Great :

- Anti-Loss and Healthy Growth Aid Hair Tonic, containing Biotin and Caffeine, is suitable for all hair types that are prone to shedding, weak and have an unhealthy appearance and need deep cleansing at the roots.

- Helps reduce shedding.

- It helps hair grow healthy.

- It deeply refreshes the hair roots thanks to the menthol it contains.

- BIOTIN: Improves hair quality and supports healthy hair growth. It increases the resistance of the hair to natural effects such as sunlight, dust, dirt and damage caused by processes such as dyeing and blow-drying.

- CAFFEINE: It nourishes the hair and ensures healthy hair growth. It ensures that the hair is nourished faster and gains vitality.

- MENTHOL: It helps support healthy hair growth. It helps hair look brighter. It makes hair look healthier and brighter.

- Sulfate, Silicon and Paraben free

- Vegan formula, Free of animal derived ingredients.

How To Use :

  • Apply to wet or damp hair roots.
  • Massage the hair roots to ensure that the product spreads and activates.
  • Apply every day, 1-2 times a day.
  • Do not rinse.


Main Ingredients :

Biotin & Caffeine, Menthol

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