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Fanola Curly and Wavy Hair Shampoo 350 ml

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How can use it : 

For Curly and Wavy hair.

What makes this great:

- Cleanses and restores vitality and hydration back into curly and wavy hair.

- Its disciplining action wraps a protective film around the shaft to control, define and add shine to frizzy hair. 

- Wheat protein penetrates the cortex of each strand of hair. It strengthens and moisturises hair, increasing its ability to receive and maintain moisture.

- Your hair will remain 100% satisfied!

How to use:

- Apply to wet hair, massage and rinse off well.

- Product can be used as a daily or regular shampoo for naturally curly hair to help with frizz and restore elasticity.


Main ingredients : Silk Proteins & Coconut Oil.

Size: 350 ml

Made in: Italy


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