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Babaria Retinol Facial Ampoules 10 ml

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How can use it :

For all skin types, including sensitive skin.

What makes this great:

- It stimulating cell renovation in the outermost layer of the skin and improving its tone and texture.

- It resulting in skin that is more firm, elastic and youthful-looking.

- Your skin will remain 100% satisfied!

How to use:

- Shake before use.

- Apply to the clean face, neck and décolletage in the morning and/or at night before your usual beauty routine.

- Massage with your fingertips until it is fully absorbed.

- It may be used in conjunction with your usual facial skin care routine. 

- However, in order to optimize its effect, we recommend combining it with Babaria’s Retinol Cream and Serum.

- Daily use.

- Once the ampoule is opened, we recommend using within 24 hours for its properties to have full effect.

Main ingredients : Premium vitamin A.


Size: 10 ml 

Made in: Spain


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