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Bio Balance Stretch Mark Remover Organic Cream 60 ml

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How can use it : 

All Skin Types.

What makes this great:

- Prevents formation of stretch mark and effectively reduce its appearance. 

- Reduces the red lines caused by stretch marks.

- Increases the elasticity, firmness and strength of the skin. 

- Hydrates and soften skin intensively.

- Improves collagen synthesis of skin.

- Skin looks firmer, toned and defined. 

- Promotes wound healing improvement.

- Your skin will remain 100% satisfied!

How to use:

- Using a circular motion, apply the product to every problematic area of your body.

- To enhance results apply 2 to 3 times daily.

- It I advisable to start using BioBalance Stretch Mark Remover after you get     pregnant.

- and continue to use throughout your pregnancy and continue to apply it after given birth. 


Main ingredients : Niacinamide, shea butter, panthenol, cera alba, centella asiatica extract, glycyrrhiza glabra root extract, caffeine, lecithin, palmitoyl carnitine, vitamin C, allantoin, vitamin E, vitis vinifera seed extract, rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract. 

Size: 60 ml

Made in: Turkey 


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