Gerard's Panoramic 3D Effect Mascara - Mrayti Store
Gerard's Panoramic 3D Effect Mascara - Mrayti Store

Gerard's Panoramic 3D Effect Mascara

JD9.800 JD14.000
  • Estimated Delivery:Oct 02 - Oct 06

Gerard's Panoramic 3D Effect Mascara - Mrayti Store

Gerard's Panoramic 3D Effect Mascara

JD9.800 JD14.000
Product description

What Makes This Product Great :

Introducing the EYEDONISM PANORAMIC EFFECT MASCARA, a premium therapeutic mascara specifically formulated to deliver exceptional results for your eyelashes. With its innovative formula, this mascara is designed to lengthen and intensify your lashes, providing a captivating look that will leave a lasting impression.

Experience the Instantly 3D Effect Greard's Mascara, a top-tier marine-based mascara that not only nourishes and lengthens your eyelashes but also helps prevent their unwanted shedding. Infused with essential vitamins such as Calgary B5 and vitamin E, this mascara offers a comprehensive solution for lash care and enhancement.

Featuring a cutting-edge brush design, our mascara ensures optimal coverage and maximum lash intensity from the roots to the tips. The advanced formula effortlessly adds instant volume to your lashes while maintaining a lightweight feel, allowing for seamless application and layering to achieve your desired length and density.

Rest assured, our mascaras are free from costume, alcohol, TEA, and D5, making them suitable for even the most sensitive eyes. We prioritize your eye health by eliminating any potentially irritating substances that could compromise your comfort or well-being.

Not only do our mascaras deliver outstanding performance, but they are also easy to remove, ensuring the protection and longevity of your natural lashes. Say goodbye to the hassle of stubborn residue and hello to effortless maintenance.

With their unrivaled quality and meticulous formulation, the EYEDONISM PANORAMIC EFFECT MASCARA and Instantly 3D effect Greard's Mascara embody the pinnacle of excellence in lash enhancement. Elevate your beauty routine and indulge in the luxury of captivating lashes that command attention

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Luma Nassar
Beauty 💟

It is the best mascara ever. It doesn't smudge or leave any residue. It also awesome for sensitive eyes because it's made of natural materials. In addition, it gives the lashes a beautiful lift and thickness, and in the long run, it helps with thinning lashes.

Dana Alnatour
من اروع انواع المسكارا🥰

انا كنت استعمل نوعين مسكارا وحده بطول ووحده للتكثيف هلا مسكاراجرارادز عم بتكفي لحالها ابتعطي شكل حلو للرموش المسكارا روعه خفيفه على العين مابتشحبر بس تشيلي المكياج


اروع مسكارا استخدمتها بحياتي خفيفة وبتعطي ترتيب وطول للرموش و سهلة التنظيف ما بتشحبر شكرا مرايتي 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰


كنت على وشك اركب رموش بس اول ما نزلتو عنها حكيت بجرب بس ما توقعت قديشها رهيبة وخفيفة على العين وسوادها بجنن شكراااا مرايتي 😍😍😍😍😍

shaza rababah
رهييييبه 😍😍😍

الصراحة من زمان وانا بدور على هيك مسكارا ما بتقل الرموش وما بتغلب بس شلتها داومت فيها ساعات طويلة ابدا ما دايئت عيوني حبيتها جدا جدا وفرشايتها ممتازة وما بتغلب ولا بتشحبر💜💜 شكراً مرايتي ما بتخيبو ثقتنا فيكم