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Clarena Aloe Vera Firming Serum

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How can use it :

All Skin Types. 


What makes this great:

- This Aloe Vera Firming Serum lightweight formula provides rapid absorption into     the skin and long-term acting. 

- Aloe vera, bisabolol and D-panthenol effectively enhance skin firmness, minimize     redness, inhibit the development of inflammation and stimulate repair processes of   the skin on daily basis

- The serum cover the skin with a soft gold powder making your skin even more     radiant.

 - Your skin will remain 100% satisfied!



How to use:

- Apply it on clean skin.



Main ingredients :   Aloe vera, bisabolol and D-panthenol.


Size: 50 ml

Made in: Poland


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 5-7 Days 

 74 SAR


 5-7 Days

 72 AED


 5-7 Days

 6 KWD


 5-7 Days

 7.5 OMR


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 7.5 BHR


 5-7 Days

 72 QAR


 2-4 Days

 99 Piasters


 5-7 Days

 30 $