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Bruno Vassari Body Care Silhouette Designer 75 ml

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Product description

What Makes This Great :

Refreshing stick, of pleasant texture and with a gentle fragrance, that efficiently treats the most defiant and encrusted cellulitis. Thanks to its stick format, it is very easy to use and quickly absorbed, and can also be conveniently carried everywhere.


Active Ingredients :

* Drenalip™: it is a standardised complex of active ingredients from natural origin that combat and prevent the diverse factors that cause cellulitis. The actives in its formula undertake a combined action that enables a decrease of adipose tissue, a reduction in the swelling and an improved blood flow.
* Caffeine: caffeine has a lipolytic action, helps boost the action of the other actives, restructures the skin and rebalances the metabolism of the epidermal cells.
* Menthol: it has an antiseptic, local analgesic and anti-inflammatory action. On being applied to the skin, it produces a reddening effect, providing a sensation of coldness that helps its absorption.

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