clarena cream and cleanser set

Clarena Poison Mini Set

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Suitable for: All Skin Types.

Set Contain :

- 60 Seconds Snake Cream 15 ml.

- 8'oils Cleanser 30 ml.



 clarena max anti-acne serum: Clarena Max Anti Acne Serum is a proven spot treatment for acne offering a concentrated salicylic acid care for the skin.

clarena 8 oils makeup remover: It ensures thorough and gentle cleansing of the skin without affecting its protective hydrolipidic film.


Instruction of views:

clarena max anti-acne serum: Only a small amount of the serum only on the acne spot in the morning or in the evening.  

clarena 8 oils makeup remover: After using it, wash your face by using deep cleanser


Free Of: Alcohol. 


Made in: Poland.

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