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Dentissimo Toothpaste Gel for Kids 2-6 Years 50 ml

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  • The toothpaste has been especially created for kids' teeth and based on natural ingredients.
  • Pleasant taste of caramel is gentle as mother's kiss and makes teeth cleaning enjoyable.
  • It accustoms kids to oral hygiene.
  • The toothpaste prevents caries, strengthens and revitalizes tooth enamel.
  • Thanks to Calcium and Vitamins it strengthens the teeth and protects sensitive gum tissues.
  • Toothpaste for kids helps not only to prevent cavities but also to strengthen tooth enamel and make kids' teeth strong and healthy.
  • Caramel flavor.

calcium glycerophosphate

  • calcium ions, released during brushing, help to strengthen tooth enamel
  • restores tooth enamel if caries is in the initial stage
  • calcium as a mineral is needed to strengthen the tooth enamel

vitamin e

  • helps to maintain tonus of mucous and gingival tissues
  • aids in reducing inflammation caused by bacteria 
  • minimizes the development of gingivitis
  • before it develops into periodontal disease


  • contains various beneficial ingredients such as antioxidants and moisturizing oils
  • provides soothing anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties
  • nourishes gum tissues


  • stimulates cell regeneration
  • ensures the astringent, hemostatic effect
  • helps to prevent irritation of the gums

calcium pantothenate (vitamin b5)

  • influences the formation of antibodies in the blood
  • stimulates the absorption of other vitamins