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Dovana’s Ultra Soft and Protection Shampoo 450 ml

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Product description

How can use it :

For oily scalp and healthy hair types

What makes this great: 

- Specially formulated for those whose struggling with their oily scalp, it’s amid to minimize oiliness.

- With every wash, the scalp will lose the excess oil and leave the scalp moisture while the hair, is receiving protection and softness through Dovana’s Shampoo.

- It protect the hair from heat and UV lights, reduce hair loss, protect roots and soften the hair.

- The Shampoo contributes to leaving hair strands moisturized and smooth.  

- Your hair will remain 100% satisfied!

How to use:

- Apply an appropriate amount on wet hair, message your hair from scalp to tip for 3 min.

- Rinse the shampoo of and enjoy your lovely, soft, shiny and protected hair.

- The amount needed depending on the hair length, more length more shampoo.

Main ingredients : Keratin , Guar , Polyquaternium , Amodimethicone.

Size: 450 ml 

Made in: Jordan