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Palmers Olive Oil Butter Body Lotion 400 ml

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How can use it :

For all skin types. 


What makes this great:

- Help maintain good health, a fresh dewy complexion and lustrous hair.

- It has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidising and regenerative properties, and is easily absorbed for instant nutrition and protection.

- Olive oil softens and tones, and is highly beneficial to stressed or damaged skin.

- Help increase skin's firmness and elasticity with a unique lipid structure to moisturize instantly.

This creamy, everyday lotion penetrates the skin to instantly soothe and soften.

- Your skin will remain 100% satisfied!


How to use:

Apply to the skin & massage gently until absorbed.


Main ingredients : Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Peptides.


Size: 400 ml 

Made in: USA 


 Regions  Shipping Time Shipping Rate

 5-7 Days 

 74 SAR


 5-7 Days

 72 AED


 5-7 Days

 6 KWD


 5-7 Days

 7.5 OMR


 5-7 Days

 7.5 BHR


 5-7 Days

 72 QAR


 2-4 Days

 99 Piasters


 5-7 Days

 30 $