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SVR Sun Secure Brume SPF50+ sunbathing mist 200 ml

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Protect your skin with very high sun protection in the form of a refreshing transparent mist with SPF50 + . Unique refreshment for all skin types. The ultra-fine tan mist leaves an invisible finish on the skin and provides an instant feeling of freshness . Easy to apply to damp skin. It is resistant to water, sweat and abrasion. It has a delicate scent. Pleasure both young and adult.


  • very high protection against sunlight
  • easy to apply to damp skin
  • gives the skin an instant feeling of freshness


Apply evenly to moist or dry skin before sun exposure. Repeat application, especially after prolonged bathing. Spray the product into your hands before applying it to your face, then apply it to your face. Avoid contact with eyes

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